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Hitradio Lifeline Radio Lifeline started broadcasting in the early eighties in a town called Lier, 17 km east of Antwerp. The programs were broadcasted on the fm band ( 103.3 Mhz). In 1986 Lifeline stopped broadcasting and now in 2016 were back with a brand new internet radiostation, Radio Lifeline. This radiostation plays all the great hits from the 60's till now.

At this moment we are in a test phase, bringing you non stop hits.

Broadcasting is done in three formats, AAC+ 128 kbps high bitrate, AAC+ 64 kbps low bitrate and MP3 at 128 kbps.
Audio soundprocessing is in test phase now, Stereotool is used for this with the following components:
Repair -> declipper - delossifier and multiband noise reduction.
Processing -> Natural dynamics - Multiband Dynamic Equalizer - AGC - Stereo Enhancer - True Bass - Multiband Compressor (9 bands) - Absolute High Enhancer - Bandpass Filter - Singleband compressor - Clipper and Final Limiter. The audio level for the streaming encoder is EBU 128 standard with a integrated loudness of -12 dB and -3dB TP (True Peak).

Streams Radio Lifeline

OUR PROgrams

Greatest hits from the eihties We love those great hits from the eighties and that's why we play them all the time. Every day between 16h and 17h all those 80's hits are played non stop.
Greatest hits from the seventies We love those great hits from the seventies and that's why we play them all the time. Every day between 13h and 14h all those 70's hits are played non stop.
Christmas hits from 4 dec till 26 dec Christmas time is here again and we love to play those great xmas songs, every hour you can hear them, from Andy Williams till Wham and Mariah Carey.